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Da Ghana Punisha

Eddy Blay

I’m direct, not afraid of controversy, comfortable in any crowd, the life of any party, well- spoken, opinionated, know my local and international entertainment history and current affairs and love speaking my mind through the messages printed on my T- shirts. The music I love to play on air is Hip Hop, R&B, Funky House, Dancehall and Old School... Oh, and people seem to think I have a wicked sense of humour.

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Describe what you do at Xfm 95.1: Host / Producer / Anchorman When did you join Xfm 95.1: Oct 2009 What’s your dream for Xfm 95.1: To revolutionise the current state of radio Why should anyone listen to Xfm 95.1: Because finally…the people have a station that they can relate to…and they can now be inspired to reach beyond the heights…yes they can You are X because: I am the X factor…. What’s X about GH youth: They are looking for the guidance and leadership…. X is the youth Your birthday (day and month): Nov 29 Your hobbies: Movies / music and making moves….plus lounging with cool people at cool venues Any piercing(s)- if yes, where: None Tattoo(s)- if yes, where and what do they mean: My arms…various adinkra symbols…a few tribals and the names of my kids Most X vacation spot: London / Milan / Paris/ Accra Most X person you met this year: Busta Ryhmes Which person would you most like to meet- living or dead? Quentin Tarantino Most X perfume/ cologne: Any of the ck series Most X sound: Hip hop / Funky house Most X TV-series: 24 / Boston legal Most X Writer:  The guy who wrote -a catcher in the rye-…J.D.d Salinger Most X nickname you’ve ever heard: J Bauer Jr…or Xhibit What all is under your bed:  Loaded single barrel shotgun Most X color: Sky blue Most X song ever: X… by Xhibit Most X song at this moment: We made it…by Busta Rhymes / Linkin Park Most X Food:  Celsbridge rice and chicken…for those on the move Most X subject at school: Literature/ social studies Most X drink: Red Bull What word do you use most: cheese…or jheez Are you Simple or Complicated: Middle ground What would you ask God if you could ask him 1 single question? What happens later…or is that it? Do you believe in aliens: Be very naïve to think we the only in the universe When you die, what would you want your last words to be? I did not do it…or maybe I did…not sure. Most X feeling in the world: Live, uncut, and uncensored What are you afraid of? It is yet to scare me…and rats aka shit with feet. Are you an emotional person: Yes What movies have made you cry? Only the ones that are piss poor and should not have been made in the first place…

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